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Chemical dependency is not the only type of addiction that people struggle with. In fact, there are many forms of addiction; however, drug addiction is the most prevalent in the United States. Some of the most common addictions include alcoholism, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction and dependence on prescription drugs such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Ritalin. Drug addictions can be extremely difficult to break, especially without the right type of assistance. This is why it is important to find a drug rehab program that will be best suited for the specific needs of each addict. At Peekskill Drug Rehab Centers, we provide each patient with the care and support they will need through this difficult time. If you or someone you love is suffering from substance dependence and needs professional help, call Drug Rehab Treatment Centers Peekskill at 914-293-2718.

Understanding Addiction

During the process of developing a dependency on a particular substance, the addict will actually experience two separate attachments to the substance. The first one will be physiological in nature. This is where the physical chemical dependency develops. As the body goes through certain changes it adapts to the chemicals in the drugs, subsequently leading to changes in the chemical makeup of the brain, and eventually creating a dependency on the drug in order to sustain the chemical changes that have taken place. When a person attempts to abruptly cease the use of the drug, these physiological changes are what cause the withdrawal symptoms.

The second form of dependency is psychological in nature, and this dependency can actually create a stronger bond and a craving for the drug. It is the psychological dependency that the person will be fighting once they complete their detox process.

Different Types of Treatment Programs

When it comes to the initial treatment, it is recommended to engage this phase of recovery at an inpatient treatment center. Due to the complications and discomfort associated with chemical withdrawal, having access to a medical detox facility will help to reduce the discomfort as well as provide the support necessary to deal with any medical complications. This will help to increase the chance of successfully completing the recovery process.

Once the detox phase and the initial treatment process has been completed, most individuals will continue their recovery process by attending daily group meetings and receiving a variety of alternative treatments. Through a combination of treatment modalities and therapy, patients can get to the root cause of their addiction and address any underlying emotional or mental health issues that may exist. There are treatments that will concentrate on behavioral issues, working to develop proper behavioral habits. Others will focus on developing coping skills to ensure that the recovering addict does not become overwhelmed by the challenges of everyday life.

It is important for any person who is committing themselves to overcoming their addiction to understand that recovery requires a lifetime commitment, which will require participation in support groups and programs that will provide the support and guidance necessary for them to achieve a complete recovery.

Approximately 50 % of people who are released from treatment suffer a relapse. The first 60 days are critical, but the first five years are considered high risk. This is why all recovering addicts who attend Peekskill Drug Rehab Centers are assigned an aftercare treatment as a part of the recovery process. With a relapse prevention plan in place and a strong support system, it is less likely they will return to drug use.

Call Drug Rehab Treatment Centers Peekskill at 914-293-2718 and speak to an addiction specialist today. We can help you decide what treatment program would best fit your needs or the needs of someone you love.

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