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Meth Addiction Peekskill

Meth addiction is a serious and growing problem in the United States.  Methamphetamine, a powerful and dangerous stimulant that belongs to the same category as cocaine, is highly addictive. Despite the risks associated with it, the rate of meth use continues to increase.  A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that more than 12.3 million Americans over have tried the drug at least once. 


Meth can be used in a number of ways; it can be snorted, smoked or injected.  Regardless of the delivery of the drug, each user received an initial euphoric effect or high.  Users have reported feeling a surge of confidence, energy, and well-being.  The descent into meth addiction begins when users attempt to recreate the euphoria of their initial high.  Neurological damage caused by the drug alters the brain’s reward pathways, making it impossible for users to ever experience the high they felt the first time.  This ongoing cycle of drug abuse, makes it easy to develop a meth addiction; it also increases the risk of overdose as users take more and more of the drug in their pursuit of the elusive high.


Over time, meth abuse can cause irreversible damage to the body.  It is known to cause damage to the blood vessels in the brain, which can increase the risk of stroke.  It also causes an irregular heartbeat that can lead to cardiovascular failure or death.  Users who recover from long-term meth abuse often report mood swings, difficulty with abstract thought and problems with their memory, and the severe tooth decay associated with meth use can require costly and painful dental work.


Recovery and Relapse


Recovering from an addiction to meth can be difficult, and the symptoms of withdrawal can be hard to endure. Depression, insatiable cravings and even thoughts of suicide are common during the withdrawal process.  Recovery comes slowly, and reports show that it can take up to a year for meth users to completely regain control over certain brain functions involving impulse control and focus. 

An extended rehab program can increase the chances of success, but the long-term recovery rate for this type of addiction is still low. Without access to high-quality inpatient or outpatient drug treatment like the one offered at Peekskill Drug Treatment Centers, an individual with a meth addiction may only survive for a few years before succumbing to an overdose or death.


Treatment Options


The most effective treatment plans for an addiction to methamphetamine focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy. At Drug Rehab Centers Peekskill, we provide pateints with six weeks of intensive inpatient treatment that focuses on recovery, relapse prevention, social support and the education patients and their families. 


When choosing a treatment center for addiction to meth, it’s important to look for a program that includes aftercare services. For an individual who just completed rehab, the world may seem filled with stressors and temptations that can lead them back to addiction.  The ongoing care provided by our aftercare program can keep recovering addicts on the right track and reduce the risk of relapse.

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